Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WIP Wednesday

My WIP Wednesday project is for my unborn great-niece who is due in November.  I found this fun material in TN last week at one of the wonderful quilt shops I visited.  I started hand-piecing it while I was there and finished it last night.  Today I added the borders and sandwiched it together and am it is ready for the quilting.  I am undecided whether to hand or machine quilt it.  I have plenty of time to hand quilt it and it gives it a vintage look in my opinion so I may choose that route.  Her parents are very "green-earthly" college professors so I think that completing it with the hand quilting might be pleasing to them as well.

Hopefully I can have this finished before next Wednesday so it does not show on the list twice.  :o)

I did not spend alot of time working on my poncho last week after ripping it out and starting over.  Here is the latest picture of it.

And here is a newborn washcloth that I just finished I need to weave in the ends and it will go in the finished stack of things to give to my niece and her husband.

You know, looking at this post and the pictures I actually did get alot done this last week without my beloved Internet!!!  Hmmmmm - is this something I might want to do once a month?  The answer is.............

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  1. Hi Georgia Peach! The answer is.... You have talent and that's that =) very nice!!