Monday, September 13, 2010

Golden Girl and The Menace waiting on their Mommy this morning

Pictures I took of my Golden Girl and The Menace while I was on the pool deck reading all the wonderful blogs I follow.

Such beautiful eyes
Hurry up Mama!
My spot on the pool deck for reading blogs
My Little Girl - The Menace


  1. So very cute the faces they make. Nice area to blog, looks like you got a sweet setup. I followed you, thanks for your visit too.

  2. Georgia Peach!! Glad to see you're back!!

    Answer is: It's still light outside.

    You said: Does he go to bed before it is dark outside maybe? And that way he turns off the light but his room is not dark yet???

    Congratulations!!! You won a bonus entry for our Snikiddy Prize Pack!! Thanks for playing and coming back to visit =)

  3. Whoa those are sweet puppies. I love them, love them.

    Hey thanks for stopping by the ole blog. Don't be a stranger.