Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No Internet for over a week!

A sudden unscheduled trip left me without internet  (and my beloved blog!) for over a week!  I could never imagine what that would be like and after having lived it recently I can tell you it is horrible.  Right up there on my top ten five things I never want to have to go through again.

However, I did find that without my laptop attached to me I was able to knit a newborn washcloth, get a third of a newborn quilt sewn together by hand since I did not have time to even grab a sewing machine.  I keep a bag of yarn and needles always packed and ready to grab but had taken apart my sewing/quilting bag.  Thank goodness two awesome quilt shops were within 10 miles from me and I was able to pick up the baby quilt kit, thread, thimble, needles and scissors for a very fair price. 

I am so overcome with the need for sleep right now but when I am back online later today I will post pics of the things I was able to work on as well as pictures I took while I was gone.


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