Thursday, September 2, 2010

Motorcycle Man has follow-up with Eye Surgeon and ends up in ER tonight

I realized while I was not able to sleep tonight that I had not posted in several days and felt the pull to the laptop and my "comfort zone of journaling".  Now to catch you up... 

 Motorcycle Man had his two follow-up appointments with the eye surgeon and he is on the road to recovery and his eye is doing great!  He is able to see with such clarity now as well as be able to see
colors too.  I had no idea that he had not been able to see colors - only white and gray tones.  He had kept that part to himself.  Plus, he has 20/20 vision in now - they implanted a contact lens and with each day of recovery he sees clearer and clearer.

He has also had his first appointment for his new prosthesis which will be ready late next week.  He let us watch while he worked and what he does is an art in itself.  He explained to me what he was doing as he was doing it and I was just in awe at the art he is able to bring to life!  He showed us an album that of other people that he has made eyes for and his work was just amazing!  Oh, and the biggest shocker of all was he is the nephew of the man that originally made Motorcycle Man's first prosthesis when he was 18!

Then when we got home he hit the remote for the garage door as usual and instead of it raising normally it went up whoppy-jawed as MM says.  I was too tired and had told him that I was headed for a much needed nap so we would deal with that later.  Well long story short, it was dark before he asked me to come downstairs and "help" him get the door down for the night.  It is a old wooden double door with glass windows all across the top.  I am not quite sure how or what happened but all of a sudden there was an explosion and one of the windows imploded and came crashing down on top of him.  I was horrified as I watched it happening in slow motion.  He had glass all over him and his head was bleeding profusely.  I am trying to hold a cloth to his head and stop the bleeding and he is pulling against me and calmly says to forget his head and check out his back.  Oh crap!  He had a long jagged piece of glass sticking out of his back through his shirt.  And did I mention that every time his heart beat blood was pumping out around the glass too?  His white shirt was largely red on the back.

Fast forward to the ER and the wonderful care he immediately received as he came through the entrance,  First he had to convenience them that he had not been stabbed by someone with a jagged piece of glass.  Once that was straightened out and all the policemen that had gathered around him went back to what they had been doing, several nurses taped bandages to his head and back to control the bleeding and he was taken into triage.  Where again he had to convince them that he had not been stabbed by some wild-eyed woman grasping long jagged pieces of glass. (Me???)  Then the chaplain was brought in - but not for him - for me who was having an "anxiety attack"!?!?  What is that I ask!  It was just a small reaction of relief I had since he was now safe in their hands and the glass was out of his back.   LOL

He was given excellent care by every person that we came in contact with and after x Rays, gluing his head together in two places and staples in his back we were finally headed back home.

By the way, did I mention the new windowless door is being installed in the morning?

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