Friday, August 27, 2010

Retro Glider and Chairs at Lowe's look great in our yard

A "quick" trip to Lowe's with Motorcycle Man yesterday ended with finding the most awesome retro glider and chairs that reminded both of us of our childhood and being at our grandparents' houses.  It would not do until he picked out 4 chairs and one 2-seater glider.  They had the retro colors of green, yellow or blue and all of them were really very beautiful.  We bought 2 green and 2 yellow chairs and
the yellow glider.  Then we find some cushions that are yellow with greens, blues and darker yellows that match both colors great.

I also found some great deals inside on their signage.  Most of the larger items were $12 - 16 earlier in the summer and the most I paid for any of them was $5!  I love to put these in our yard and on our decks.


  1. I love everything you found! The cushions are pretty on the glider and the signs were a great deal! I bet my hubby would take me to Lowe's! heehee! ♥

  2. Thank you LD. Isn't it amazing how we women love Lowe's! I would rather go there like some women love to go to the mall! Hope your hubby takes you to see what is on sale in your area soon.