Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ok girl - you are turning this into a food blog...NOT!

ok - I am having to stop myself - I am doing it all over again.  I had another blog for about 3 years that was supposed to be about all of my loves.  Basically what this blog is going to be.  The other one turned into more of a just quilting and knitting blog and all my other passions kinda got lost in the mix. 
However, after reading my last post tonight I see that it is turning into a food blog.  Soooooo here goes - here so some of the things I love to do.

I love to quilt
and quilt
and quilt
I am learning how to make cards
I loved this one
with a tree and presents
before all the finishing touches with ink edging
need to still add presents or more to the tree
one for a grandchild
still wondering what else it needs
grow plants of any kind...
Christmas cactus
build and paint birdhouses
of all colors...
and styles
paint ceramics
which requires tools
and tools
and paper plus I made the totes and purses on the door too
study and use all types of softwares
dabble in photography of all the birds that come to visit
the feeders at the window of my studio
some even in flight
some just sitting and resting
some in the tree waiting their turn
while these are having seconds.

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