Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Motorcycle Man in surgery today and Update

I am at the Surgery Center trying to somehow sanely pass the time while Motorcycle Man is having surgery.  Due to a childhood accident at 11, he lost his right eye.  Today he is having surgery to save the
sight in his left eye.  My Hero is depending on the skill of a good eye doctor and his staff and of course the watchful care of God.  My heart is in my throat but I know for a fact that he will be fine.  He is my Motorcycle Man, my Hero - he has to be fine.


Thank you God - he did just fine in the surgery.  We are still waiting for the patch to come off later today to see what he sees and how he sees it.  He is sleeping off the meds right now.  It was funny - they called me back to his room and as I gathered my bag I asked her how he was and the nurse said 'awake and hungry and ready for you to get him some food'.  Whew!  At least I knew he had not lost his sense of humor.  

I entered the room and there he sat on the bed - his "good eye" patched and his hand reaching towards my voice as I called in and asked how he was doing.  It hit me like a cold chill at that moment - my Motorcycle Man was sightless at that moment in time.  A patch taped down covering his eye that had just gone through the trauma of invasive surgery to give him the sight he needs so desperately.  He is the head of our home, my lover/husband/best friend, our children's father, our grandchildren's PawPaw, second in the chain of command at his daily job, the rider of the Harleys in the garage, the driver of the motorhome  and all the other vehicles in the driveway and also to his newest toy in the yard - the golfcart - for the folks that do not play golf - just want to ride in one on those little short trips to here and there.

It is amazing how we can all take some things for granted until we do not have them.  I have always been the one that leaned on him and today as I guided and talked him into the garage, through the laundry room, up the stairs into the kitchen, into the living room and finally onto the couch that I realize how he has done this for me for years and never complained - has always been there and it was an honor to be able to do the same for him!  That is until he needed to get right back up and go to the bathroom and whether it was meds or not seeing the toilet or what alot of that 'I am really doing good blah blah blah' feeling dropped a bit when I was jerked back into reality - please tell me I am dreaming - please tell me that the tub just sprang a leak - just please don't tell me he is peeing on my shoe.  I just love it!  There is always humor in every situation - some you don't even have to look for - it might just be as close as your shoe.

Also, as the other day when my Golden Girl kept her vigil next to me, she is faithfully laying on the floor next to the couch watching out for her Daddy.  Right before she laid down she sniffed all around his face, especially the patch and gave his check a nice lick and settled in to wait.

Sleep it off dear man, sleep it off.

Standing Guard...
But again, Let us pray...


  1. I so glad the surgery went well and I'll say a prayer for a speedy recovery!


  2. Manuela,

    Thank you - he will need prayers for a speedy recovery!

    Love the pic of your Golden too!