Friday, August 20, 2010

2 Bucks came to visit today

Looked at the back door on the way to the kitchen and there were several of my deer family friends.  These were two young bucks - both 6-pointers - feeding on the polk salad that grows wild behind our fence.  Motorcycle Man told me that this is one of the last times we will get to see them together before
the season and they divide up to hunt on their own.  I remember when they were half this size last year and we have another set of twins this year that have recently lost their spots.


  1. isn't it great to have such an experience? I too love to see the wood peckers that nest at grove in the back of my property! and sometimes a squirl, and the then the toucans! each in their own season... don't have more squirls because of my dogs that scare them off!!

  2. Ilona - yes it is! I was organizing my photos last night and so far came across the following I was able to get pics of while crossing through my yard, a group of up to 10 deer at a time (many, many times!), red fox, wild turkey, 3 hawks, owl, snakes, too many different kinds of birds to even list, lizards, green tree frogs (that make a noise like a barking dog!), snapper turtles but the scariest was a 5' yellow snake - maybe a pet turned loose? And of course a few loose neighborhood kids and dogs, LOL. I love never knowing what I will see out the back door each day. I can not imagine what it must be like to see the toucans! Do you have any pics? I visited your blog and will be back - I have alot of reading to do there - it most certainly caught my attention!