Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello World, it's me - Georgia Peach

I have decided that I too want to share my creations and life with the internet world.  I enjoy reading other blogs so much and have tried blogging myself but I want to this one to cover all the things I love to do instead of just quilting.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.  I dabble in so many different crafts that it is hard to remember them all sometimes.  I love to cook and bake.

I view myself as more than an amateur photographer that is still learning the love of doing more than just taking a picture.  I love using the computer so much that I try to teach myself something new every week - this week it is Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.  This might take longer than a week.  I used to be organized - very organized.  Now I am lucky if I can remember how to take the first step in getting started.  This is a serious goal of mine!  I miss not knowing where everything is.  I am tired of repeat buying just because I did not see the ketchup or mayo bottle in the frig - right now I only have 3 open bottles of mayo!  I recently started camping - motorhome style - this is going to become a serious habit - I can see now.  

So, you never know what you are going to be a part of each time you visit but I promise you this - I will document it with lots of step by step pictures and make being as fun for you as possible.  Grab a cup of coffee and put your feet up and enjoy - I look forward to your company!

BTW - a few of the cast in this life of mine:

Motorcycle Man - my husband
Semper Fi - oldest son
Honeybee - Semper Fi's wife
Gamemaker - Semper Fi and Honeybee's oldest son
The Songstress - daughter of Semper Fi and Honeybee
'lil Jarhead - youngest son of Semper Fi and Honeybee
Tower Dog - middle son
Rapunzel - Tower Dog's better half
ET - son of Tower Dog
Paratrooper - youngest son
Country Gal - oldest daughter
The Hunter - Country Gal's husband
'lil Tomboy - daughter of Country Gal and The Hunter
Mother Goose - youngest daughter 
Man of Many Miles - Husband of Mother Goose
The Skateboarder - oldest son of Mother Goose
'lil Mother Goose - youngest daughter of Mother Goose
'lil Hannah Montana - oldest daughter of Mother Goose
Our Angel- youngest son of Mother Goose who is with The Storyteller
The Storyteller - my dad who has passed away
The Matriarch - my mom
Not Just a Pretty Face - my sister
Sheriff without a gun - Husband of Not Just a Pretty Face
Grand PawPaw - my father-in-law
One Stop - close family friend
The Librarian - One Stop's wife

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