Thursday, August 19, 2010

Golden Girl at play and sleep

Pictures I took of her in her first snow, begging with her Tweety cup (while hiding her tennis ball in her mouth at the same time I later saw after I zoomed in on the pic!), "listening" to my iPod with her nose,
sleeping on her back after she covered herself with a towel and just being out and out beautiful!  I love this dog!  We are so blessed to have her as part of our family!

Resting in the sun
Listening to her favorite music on the iPod
holding the Tweety cup AND her tennis ball
begging with her Tweety cup
A 'lil snow on my nose Mama
her and her Tweety cup again
while camping with Mama and Daddy
she has two different color eyes
taking a nap under her play towel


  1. I loved this post! We have a Golden too - Maxie. So I know how cute and adorable they are.

    Yours is so cute! I love the photo of her sleeping with the towel and the tweety cup - too cute!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's very nice to "meet" another Georgian. I'm sure you're going to enjoy being able to focus on all the things you love to do now that your retired!

    Don't be a stranger - you're welcome to visit anytime!


  2. She is an amazing dog and champion. I have had dogs my entire life but she has touched my heart like no other has. Check out my post - where she holds my hand whenever she knows I am under the weather - she will hold that pose for hours. I love your blog - just updated mine and grabbing a cup of coffee and going back to read your archives. Nice to "meet" a fellow Georgian as well and you are welcome to visit often as well - I have been know to make multiple postings a day! LOL.