Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A gift from God - a new grandchild is on the way!

Motorcycle Man called me yesterday afternoon and said "Hello Granny "again".  It took a second and then I realized what he meant - our oldest daughter, County Gal and her husband The Hunter just found out yesterday that they are expecting their second child in July.  Thank you God!  

Can you imagine what gear my mind immediately went in to?  The quilting, the knitting, the garment sewing - do I have enough time if I start today???  I will keep you posted throughout the next 8 months.  :o)

My mind is running like a screen of never ending pictures of all the goodies I can (and will) make for this newest grandbaby.

Stay tuned!

Monday, November 15, 2010

What an Amazing Girlfriend Retreat!

A group of girlfriends I am proud to be a part of attend a yearly Girlfriend Retreat each year.  I was not able to attend last year but was so lucky to there this year!  Thank you God!  

We were so very blessed to be the guests of one of the original Girlfriends and when we arrived we each found robes laid out across the bed along with a stack of towels and washcloths and the most amazing gift basket on the night stands.  If you have never experienced this luxury I pray that it will come to you in the near future.  Then as if this was not enough, she went to Panera's to pick up fresh bagels and brought them to us to go along with the many flavors of coffee and creamers we each experienced.

Anywhere we went was done via the golf carts at our disposal.  I was there from Thursday evening through Sunday morning and went out to eat, Wal-mart, the movies, a book store, a Mexican restaurant about 20 miles away, visiting other friends houses, Bealls Department store, an awesome dress shop, took breathtaking pictures of a sunset and did all of this on a golf cart!  That is the life I tell you!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And did I forget to mention .....

that I was also asked to design a custom fit Do-Rag by Motorcycle Man?  Here is the prototype in muslin and then I have production-line produced 4 more, 3 for him and one for One Stop, using U of Tenn, U of GA and Pow-Mia fabrics.  Awesome!

Shower Gifts Pictures

Where has the time gone?

I have spent almost no time on the internet since my last post.  I have been on a mission that finally came to light last Sunday - the shower for my dear niece and her soon to be born sweet baby girl.

I decided to see just how far out of my comfort zone or box I could step and see what I was able to teach myself on my Babylock Esante sewing/embroidery machine and my new Babylock Imagine serger.  It was so fun going through the manuals and trying out only a fraction of what these amazing machines are capable of producing!

I made a cute quilt - started piecing the top my hand and finished it on the machine, added the binding and then hand quilted it.

Then I decided to really test my comfort zone and made a Christening Gown, slip, bonnet and matching blanket with her name embroidered on it.

Then I wanted to make double sided bibs with a cute embroidery on one of the sides - I made two newborn size ones.

Then so the cute little mommy would not be left out I made her a small shoulder strap bag that would hold her smart phone and iPod with a pocket for her license, debit card and cash.

As much as I missed being on my blog, it was amazing to see what I was able to believe in myself to do.  From time to time I admit I would start having DT's so I would pop in on your blogs to see what you had been up too.

Oh yeah, I also took advantage of a great sale at one of my local fabric stores and bought a new dress form and am back in the process of making my own clothes again now that I have a serger!  I used to make all my work clothes and most all the kids play clothes but the insides were a mess.  This serger gives it such a clean finished look!

I will post pics of her shower gifts shortly.