Monday, September 13, 2010

Homekeeper’s Journal ~ Struggling?

While visiting Cindy's site I was reading this post and decided to take the challenage myself even though it had been closed for over a month.  Here goes:

This week’s Journal is about struggles and what we do when we find ourselves struggling. 


I struggle in my kitchen with ….. what to cook for two people with totally different eating choices.  I am a vegetarian flirting with becoming a total vegan and my husband loves meat and hates vegetables and nuts and milk and..... 

Struggles of any kind have a tendency to make me …… very tense.  And off-track.  When you are trying anything new it seems that anything out of the norm can throw you off track easily.  Plus I am a worrier and I do not need to borrow trouble.

I struggle more when ……. my family is in pain.  I remember hearing when my children were young that old saying "Now they are pulling on your apron strings, later they will be pulling on your heart strings."  Oh how I wish for the apron strings days back!

When it comes to people, I struggle ….. I have to agree with her post as well!  Dishonesty and trust by loved ones can do you in easily.  It does not matter if they are 2 or 82 - the pain is still the same!      

When it comes to struggles, I believe the Lord wants me to know ….. that I am always the one that walks the other way - not him.  That I need to slow down and hear his voice and place all my trust in him.

It is amazing what reading her post and then taking the time to stop and listen to my heart and my head and answer these questions did for my soul this morning!  Please visit Sylvia at Christian HomeKeeper Network to read what others were struggling with during the week of August 10th.


  1. Hello and Good Morning! Thank you for your visit this morning and for such a sweet and wonderful comment. I am so glad that you were blessed by my post on struggling. I think it is something that we can ALL can relate too. I loved your post this morning. Going to spend some more time looking around today when I have more time. Hope you have a blessed day and week.

  2. You know, what you wrote about you walking away from the Lord, NEVER Him is so true for me as well. something I really need to work on. Thanks for sharing that.

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