Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can't sleep so I may be visiting your blog right now....

When I can not sleep I try first to turn over and go back to sleep.  Second, see what is on the Food channel or HGTV or, you get the picture.  Third, watch The Closer or any cooking show I have recorded.  Fourth, get up get a Fresca or glass of ice water and walk out on one of the decks and listen to all the night time animal sounds.  Fifth, if all else fails - grab the Mac and head to a comfy spot and start visiting folks that have visited my blog.  I have just finished leaving comments on 6 blogs and entering two contests and thanking Just Married With Coupons for an earlier win I had on one of their Brain TeaZers.  They are well worth a visit if you have never been to their page!

What do you do if you are not able to sleep???  Leave me a comment and let's compare how we all deal with this!



  1. I do the same thing you do but I try laying in bed for a long time first because I was need more sleep!

  2. The Closer is one of two shows I actually like to watch. I walk around on the deck outside and look at the stars. Or lie in bed planning the week and things I want to create or photograph.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog on your sleepless night! I enjoyed reading your comment. I scrolled down on your blog and am interested to see how the laundry soap you made turned out... Curious to hear if you used it and if you were impressed with it's cleaning abilitiy or not so much!

  4. I hate having interrupted sleep! I try to lay there for a little bit to see if I get sleep and fall asleep again. But like you I often will grab my laptop and just surf the net/visit blogs.


  5. Hello Georgia Peach!! You won today's bonus entry again!! You're on a roll!!! You're number was selected today =) Thanks so much for the comment you made about us on your post!!! We really appreciate that! We're so glad you're having fun with us and letting people know about us =)

    Answer is: Hubby was the Plumber and Wifey was the Electrician =)

    Congratulations to #1. Georgia Peach, #2. Justine, #3. Bruni and #4. Eva for getting the correct answer!!! More than one person got the right answer!!! We chose the winner from random.org."Number 1" was selected to win the "IQ Clean Giveaway" bonus entry!" Thanks for playing!

    -Raphael and Dawn

  6. Hi - Joined to follow your blog today! When I can't sleep, I BLOG! That, and surf the internet. When I get sleepy, I head back to bed again! have a good day....!

  7. So sorry to hear you're not sleeping. That is no fun. When I can't sleep, I give myself a time limit (like "if I'm still not asleep in 30 more minutes . . .") and then I'll get up and read for a bit. The hope is that I'll get sleepy out on the living room couch and want to head back to bed. But sometimes I just wind up engrossed in my book ;)

  8. When I can't sleep, I watch all the shows I record but don't have time to watch normally! Saw your blog listed on Boost My Blog Friday so stopped by to check out a fellow Georgia girl! : ) I'm your newest follower!