Monday, October 4, 2010

Serger Opinions and Reviews please....

I have made a beautiful dress over the last few days and it looks so great on the outside but flip it inside out and it is loaded with stings.  Lots of strings!  I have a serger in the closet, a Euro Pro, that I have had for probably 15 years.  It stinks.  Yes, that is my opinion and review!  I have only been able to use it for the first few pages of examples and it came un-threaded and I have never been able to get this machine to work properly since.  I also had Motorcycle Man and several other people try their hand and they had just as much trouble as I did.

This leads me to my questions:

Do you own a serger?
What make/model?
What is your opinion and review of it?
Would you buy it again?
And if not, what brand would you buy?

Thanks in advance for you part in helping me make a decision on what brand serger to buy since I have a ton of dress material and a drawer of new patterns.

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  1. I own a serger. It's in a box. The accessories are in another box. My mother-in-law passed it on to me--a woman who doesn't quilt and has ZERO idea how to use a serger. (I'm pretty handy with a sewing machine though.) So, it sits in the attic, packed neatly in its box. I did recently discover, as I was re-arranging things up there that the accessories box contains a large number of giant spools of thread ... hmmmm ... I bet I could knit something with all that thread ...

    I guess that doesn't help you out much, does it? Whatcha workin' on?